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Osteopathy and Children

Colic / Wind / Reflux

The main ‘nerve’ that goes to the digestion system is the vagus nerve, this nerve travels in a hole between the bones in the back of the head. Slight pressure on the base of the skull will affect the nerve and can cause irritability and problems with the G.I.T. (gastrointestinal tract). Osteopaths use gentle manual techniques to restore proper mechanical function and release the compression around the cranial nerves that are connected to the G.I.T.

Feeding Difficulties

Feeding difficulties may be as a result of tongue tie, reflux, G.I.T. problems or torticollis (which causes a rotation through the baby’s head). Osteopathy can help babies improve their latching technique by treatment of the palate, jaw and nerves supplying the tongue, therefore making it easier for the baby to suck. Osteopathy can also help reflux by treating the cranium, stomach and diaphragm.

Special Needs

Every cell in the body needs a healthy physiology to thrive; osteopaths help to improve nutrition supply, drainage, and neurological control. The health of the body is dependent on freedom of movement of tissues. When the body is balanced and efficient, it will function to its optimum level. Osteopathic treatment can help children with a range of issues and syndromes including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, asperger syndrome, cerebral Palsy (CP), Down’s syndrome, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Behavioural Problems

Poor concentration at school, constant fidgeting, hyperactivity, tantrums, anxiety “clinginess”, Osteopathy can help to calm the central nervous system enabling the child to respond more appropriately to situations and be more content with itself. Osteopathic treatment can improve the child’s neurological function by resolving the effects of the compressive forces of a traumatic birth. The earlier treatment is begun the more likely a positive & substantial benefit.

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