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Osteopathy For Everyone


Special Needs Children

Osteopathic treatment can help children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, Asperger syndrome, cerebral palsy (CP), Down’s syndrome, dyslexia and dyspraxia to mention a few. Every cell in the body needs a healthy physiology to thrive. The health of the body is dependent on freedom of movement of the soft tissue. Osteopaths work cranially on the central nervous system and the fluids within the spinal cord (C.S.F.) therefore improving neurological control. When the body is balanced and efficient, it will function to its optimum.


Older Patients


An Osteopath will be able to offer treatment & advice to help improve mobility, circulation & reduce joint stiffness so that the older person can enjoy a full & active life. Osteopathy can help alleviate the symptoms of osteoporosis, Rheumatoid psoriatic & osteoarthritis. Arthritis can cause patients a great deal of pain & restriction into the hips, back, knees, neck & shoulders. Osteopathy is a very gentle and effective way of treating the body.

Older Children


As children grow, the body undergoes a number of changes. They can suffer from muscluo- skeletal problems caused by carrying heavy school bags, sporting activities or growth related posture problems, which carry the risk of sprains & strains which can affect the well being of your child. Osteopathy can prevent problems & allow the framework of a child’s body to heal naturally & adjust to its postural & hormonal demands. Through structural osteopathic techniques osteopaths can help release these stresses.

Behavioural Problems

Poor concentration at school, constant fidgeting, hyperactivity, tantrums, anxiety “clinginess”, Osteopathy can help to calm the central nervous system enabling the child to respond more appropriately to situations and be more content with itself. Osteopathic treatment can improve the child’s neurological function by resolving the effects of the compressive forces of a traumatic birth. The earlier treatment is begun the more likely a positive & substantial benefit.

Care for Mum and Baby

Osteopathy can help your pregnancy & labour go as smoothly as possible. Gentle osteopathic techniques are safe at all stages of pregnancy. The osteopathic approach is a gentle way of working with the body’s own mechanism for releasing & re-balancing tensions, without force. Osteopathy during pregnancy can aid in facilitating an easy passage of the baby through the birth canal. It can ensure the pelvic mechanics are moving freely & can aid optimal foetal positioning to allow an easier birth for both mother and baby.

Work Related Injuries

Through our normal working day we place a lot of stress through our bodies – spending long hours hunched over a computer, driving long hours to work, the physical demands of a manual job – all these activities can lead to short/long term discomfort and pain which an Osteopath can alleviate. Manual workers absorb huge amounts of force through their backs. Working in confined spaces and placing our bodies in unusual positions for long periods of time can often lead to lower back, shoulder, neck, knee and hip pain.

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