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Osteopathy and Pregnancy


Pre-Natal Care


As the baby grows and the uterus enlarges, the mother’s body has to adjust to support the increased abdominal weight. This requires the muscles of the back to work harder and the natural curves in the spine to change. Excessive forward rotation of the pelvis places pressure on the pubic symphysis, pelvic girdle and can compress the joints in the lower back, sacrum and the hips which can in turn cause pain and restriction into these areas. Postural changes impact all the way up to the neck and shoulders which can contribute to neck/shoulder pain and headaches.


Any previous back problems or unresolved injuries may contribute to difficulties in accommodating the changes of pregnancy. Osteopathy during pregnancy can ease the effects of these changes on your body through the different trimesters therefore getting your body as mobile as possible for the demands of labour.


Post-Natal Care


The arrival of a new baby involves you performing more loaded movements into your lower back and body which it is not accustomed to. After birth whether it’s a natural delivery or c-section the abdominal muscles can be weak and susceptible to injury. The abdominal muscles are vital in protecting your back from injury.


Rehabilitation of the lower back is essential to get the postural muscles back working properly. Once the mother has healed into the abdominal and pelvic area it is important to regain mobility into the lower back and pelvic region allowing fluidity of the body as a whole.


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